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Gavin McAlpine

Gavin McAlpine

I’m a keen amateur prop/costume maker based in Glasgow, Scotland. Most of my projects stem from my love of video games.

From childhood I’ve been an avid gamer and have been attending comic conventions, large and small, since 2015. I enjoy the social aspect of being part of this community and gaining inspiration from like-minded cos-players who either commission or make their own costumes. Many including myself attend these events not just for fun but also as a way of showcasing our work and sharing our skills and ideas.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed being creative and working with my hands. After going to several cosplay events I decided to experiment with various materials (mainly EVA foam) to replicate some costumes and props inspired by my favourite video game characters. I’ve been doing this as a hobby since 2018 and I now want to pursue a career in prop making.

I'm currently studying Model Making/3D design at The City of Glasgow College and will complete the NQ course in June 2022. I intend to progress to the HND course in August.

My online portfolio showcases my work and gives an insight into the processes I used to create them.